Seven Steps to Sell in a Down Market

Published 02 October 10 04:08 PM

Seven Steps to Sell in a Down Market

Fall is upon us  in Macomb Michigan and you are trying to sell your house. Due to family reasons, job changes or economic reasons you are faced with a home to sell.  How can you be successful and complete the sale in a decent time frame? 

The following is a list of 7 easy steps to get your home in Top-Block condition.

1. De-Clutter-   I know that you are thinking "What should I do with all my stuff?"  Well, the answer is simple.  Get rid of it, give it away, or store it at a family or friends house.  You are moving!!  If it is in the next couple of weeks, or the next couple of months, start packing.   Buyers want to see empty closets.  Buyers do not care about your junk, they are sizing up your home to see if their junk will fit.  Make 3 piles; keep, give away, or throw away.  You will feel liberated to let it go!!!

2. Clean-  You do not have to hire a professional house cleaner.  Take one room at at time, and deep clean.  Dust corners, vaccum under the bed and closets, use Fantasic on walls.  Buyers love a clean home and will remember yours even if it is priced higher than the other homes in your neighborhood.  Gather the family, turn on the radio and burn some calories.

3. Front Door-  This is your first impression with the buyer, make it a great one!! Think of it as a first date.   Paint or replace the front door if needed.  Fix that torn screen, put a welcome door mat out, add some pots of flowers on your porch.  Hang a wreath (could be seasonal).  Polish the hardware on the door.  Give them something to remember.

4. Kitchen-  One of the most important rooms in a home.  Is your kitchen in order?  Do all the cabinets and door work properly?  Women will open drawers and doors.  Clean and de-clutter them.  Even if you do not like to cook, this is one room that has to sparkle.  Clean the sink and remove dirty dishes prior to showings.  I know this is alot of work, but the competition is high, and you want to sell.

5. Bathrooms-  Check this room before leaving the house.  Did your children put the toilet seat down and flush.  I know that this is common sense, but you would not believe how many houses I walk in and see this.  Fix any broken shower doors, or replace that ripped curtain with an inexpensive new one.  Scrub the tile, they will look.  Replace light bulbs, give good light in the room.

6. Furniture Placement-  Rooms need to look big.  Again, you do not need to hire a professional home stagger.  Ask your Realtor, they should suggest how to place your couch and chair in a room.  You might not like it, but you are moving.  A little change with placement could make all the difference in opening up a room.  Maybe some pieces need to go into storage till the move. 

7. Be Available-  Let the home be shown.  We are in a down market, with excess inventory available to buyers.  Show the home, open the door, let them use the lock-box.  Give a key to your Realtor if you do not want to have a lock-box.  It might not be the most convienet time for a showing.  You might have started cooking dinner, just got home from work, or even had plans for the day.  Ask the showing desk to change the time 1-2 hours.  Most Realtors are showing more than 1 house in your neighborhood at a time.  They can adjust.  Let the home be seen, the buyers will not come back, and you want to sell.

I hope that your selling season is a short one, pain free.  I hope that these simple steps will help you accomplish your goal.  Your Realtor can advertise your home, do vitual tours, take pictures and write great listing remarks.  You need to work with your Realtor and listen, they might not want to hurt your feelings and express all or any of the above.  You are a team, and are working together to get you moving fast.

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